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August 2011


If you’d told me as recently as a week ago that I would experience both an earthquake and a hurricane all in the same week—and in my home state of Virginia yet—I would have shaken my head in disbelief at your hubris. Because never in my lifetime would I have imagined that could be the case, especially here in North Central Virginia. And, had I driven just a few miles to the northeast, you could have thrown in a tornado to boot. A trifecta of natural disasters all within five days! Luckily, neither our employees nor I nor any of our collective family or friends sustained any injury or property… Read More »

Just One of Those Weeks

If we at USGlass Magazine hear from each of our 40,000+ subscribers just once a year, that means we hear from an average of 155 or so of them every work day … and some days it feels like it. Good thing it’s one of the favorite parts of my job. Just this past week, three readers contacted me with issues that tugged at me. All of them revolve around the current economic climate and the bankruptcies and closings our industry has endured. Let me share each story with you and perhaps you can help me fashion some advice for them: Reader 1 put a plaintive plea on our architectural… Read More »

The Brand’s the Thing

There’s been a lot of talk lately about “branding,” especially among the glass manufacturers. A number of manufacturers believe that consumers will respond and one day request PPG glass, or Guardian, let’s say on the strength of the brand. I’m guessing the hope is that they will request one of these brands, rather than a no-name product. This has already come to pass in the auto glass industry, where glass manufacturers such as Pilkington, Guardian and PGW are working hard to distinguish their glass from the “generic” products toward which insurers forcefully push their customers. It’s a scenario that has been repeated over and over again in many industries. The… Read More »

Time for the Fix

My blog today was going to be about branding. It’ll have to wait a bit. That’s because of the influx of e-mails I’ve received today from various financial entities with which we do business. I am sure you got some today too—or perhaps a call from a broker or two. The people who administer our pension fund wrote me, and so did the “friendly bankers” with whom we have our checking and payroll accounts. Shoot, I even heard from a major credit card company which weighed in on the subject as well—that subject being the recent downgrade of the U.S. credit rating by one of the agencies that does this… Read More »

A Warm Welcome

I would like to lend my blog space this week to our newest employee. Many of you know Sahely Mukerji from her many years of covering the glass industry for another publication. We are thrilled to have Sahely join our editorial team today. It’s always been gratifying to me how all the best industry writers and editors sooner or later end up here. Welcome Sahely! In honor of your arrival, I thought I’d turn my “blog space” over to you today. Check out Sahely’s first.  

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