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September 2011

Twofer the Road

Two things happened earlier this month that reminded me why I have faith—make that why I have an unending faith—in the glass industry. The first was a visit to the GlassBuild show (GBA) in Atlanta last week. It reminded me that even though we are in some very volatile economic times, people in the architectural glass business continue to move forward. “Glass is very lucky,” said an architect to whom I was speaking. “Very few buildings are built without it. It is a material everyone wants to use.” He was emphatic that, even in tough times, glass will always be a material of choice. “No other building product is as… Read More »

Short Blog

That’s right, a short blog today because I just got back yesterday from a long week of travel … first our national staff meeting, then on to GlassBuild and then from Atlanta to Memphis for the first-ever Auto Glass Week. Just got back yesterday afternoon after an intense week out. We provided a lot of coverage of GlassBuild last week, so I’ll just mention that Auto Glass Week was excellent—and lots of fun. To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of the death of the auto glass industry have been greatly exaggerated. It was alive and well in Memphis and it was great fun to be part of it. Our slide show… Read More »

Twofer Tuesday

GlassBuild Day Two This blog begins with a journalistic triumph, a tour de force of investigative detective work worthy of Bob Woodward, if I do say so myself. Ready? You might want to sit down for this one. Here goes: I found out the identities of the “terrorists” who were under the Barkow truck taking pictures the other day. They found themselves targets of a World Congress Center-wide search as a result. I’m pretty proud of having muck-racked this out of them. How, you might ask, did we ferret out this amazing information? Well actually, they just walked up and told me, with just a hint of pride in their… Read More »

GBA Day One

John Weise’s week at GlassBuild America sure started with a bang. Imagine the F. Barkow exec’s surprise when he arrived at his booth to find a group of Atlanta police searching all over the truck he had on display. The police told him that they were searching for bombs and the like. Nothing was found. Turns out that his “single stack” truck is so new and innovative that an enterprising group of competitors, who the police thought might not have been from this country, decided to go all the way underneath the truck, camera in hand, to take pictures of how he did it. Nice compliment, but not quite fair,… Read More »

9/11 Reminders

Our daily e-news service, usgnn.com,  includes some powerful remembrances of 9/11 today. I just added my own at the end. What’s yours. Please let us know by adding your comments below. COMMENT

Is It Really September?

Well yes  it is. It’s 10:50 a.m. on Labor Day here in the States and, as I write this, about half our staff is in the office with me and hard at work. Why? Because we have a perfect storm of events coming up next week, our annual company-wide 2012 planning meeting, followed by the GlassBuild America show (visit us in booth 2411) and the inaugural Auto Glass Week Conference and Competitions (visit us there too.). All three events are next week, hence our work here today, on final details, shipping and all.  Labor Day has caused me some reflection in two areas. First one is how much I like… Read More »

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