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February 2012

Looking Backwards and Forwards

Backwards There’s been enough conjecture and speculation surrounding the closure of Trainor Glass to rival an evening of opinion on Fox News or MSNBC. Would you doubt that I would weigh in? Well, I am not going to, except to say this: Contract glaziers are the tightrope walkers of the construction industry. They work without a net in a very tight environment. One misstep, even just one after dozens of years of perfect performance, can prove fatal. Walking that rope in a very shaky economic environment makes it harder to avoid a fall. The fact that any contract glazier, let alone one that had risen to the highest heights, can… Read More »

The First Valentine

When we were growing up, my sister (who is two years younger) and I (who was about four) engaged in a fixed ritual nearly every week night. We knew that at exactly 5:50 p.m. we should start walking up the block and, a few minutes later, my father would appear like magic. We could see him in the distance as he came around the corner walking the last leg of his 15 minute stroll from Long Island Railroad station. The minute we saw him, Patti and I would break out in the fastest run we could shouting “Daddy, Daddy” until we literally careened into him, jumping and smothering him in… Read More »

A Healthy Second Act

For the past 41 years Russ Ebeid, the recently retired president of Guardian Industries, worried about things like building float lines in South America, or introducing new glazing products worldwide. But today, just six short months later, he is, by choice, worrying about things like towel shrinkage and membership numbers. Here’s why. It was a slightly rainy day in mid-December when our associate publisher, Lisa Naugle, and I set out to meet up with Russ Ebeid. Just a few months after his retirement, Mr. Ebeid had invited me out to talk about his plans for the proverbial second act. We were to meet at his club in the Detroit suburb of… Read More »

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