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October 2012

glasstec’s Top Five

We are half way through glasstec, that amalgamation of everything and anything glass. After all, where else can you find bottle molds next to point-supported glass systems and around the corner from crystal jewelry? In two short days, a number of trends have emerged from the massive booths that stretch across nine halls. Here are my top five picks for trends thus far: Thin is In — Pushing the limits of manufacturing new records in glass thicknesses are being set. Cooltemper was promoting the manufacture of a fully-tempered (that’s fully tempered) 2 mm thick glass. But the big news was the expansion of Gorilla Glass by its manufacturer Corning into… Read More »

Marking Time

Glasstec, the mother of all glass trade shows starts tomorrow in Düsseldorf, Germany. Just as the first day of school marks an exciting time for school children everywhere, glasstec marks this time for me. And because it’s every other year the changes it heralds are always pronounced. This is my 14th visit to the show. I have attended every show since 1984, save one in the late 1980s. The changes that have occurred during that time have been dramatic. Let’s look at the glass manufacturing industry first. The landscape of the industry was a lot different during that first visit. Oh, the U.S. still had less than 10 primary manufacturers as it does now but look… Read More »


That great poet of my youth Neil Young wrote wonderful songs but he missed the mark big time with one of them. His line  “only love can break your heart”  is wrong, dead wrong. There’s one other thing that can break your heart and slice it cleanly in two. It’s baseball. Both love and baseball can break your heart. The game of summer can fold you in half with heartbreak and despair.  And, as anyone who is a Washington Nationals fan understands, it can make you not want to get out of bed for a few days and can conjure up memories (think last Friday night top of the 9th) that are… Read More »

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