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December 2012

Jumping In

My mother’s words echo in my head as I write this. “Debra Anne,” she would say, and believe me, whenever she said Debra Anne and in that tone to boot, I would surely listen, “Debra Anne, if everybody was jumping off a bridge would you do it, too?” Now being the analytical child that I was (though my mother might call it ‘obstinate’), I would stop and think a minute and say “Well, Mom, it would depend on the bridge. Because if the bridge was on fire and I was going to burn, yes, I’d jump … or if people I could save people from harm, then I would, too.”… Read More »

A Quiet Revolution

If you are in any part of the curtainwall business, you know there has been a quiet revolution going on slowly for the past 15 years—and with lightning speed during the past five. It’s no secret that major Chinese companies have been manufacturing and exporting curtainwall systems into the United States since the late 1990s. The first efforts by these manufacturers were pretty poor; they generally lacked both the quality and design capabilities necessary to provide products in the United States. But in the last five years, most of the major Chinese companies have hired their own U.S.-based professional representatives and made great strides in quality. In short, they’ve gotten… Read More »

Why the @#$% Did You Run That?

“What is wrong with you people? Are you crazy or just nuts? How could you possibly have run that story? Why are you endorsing what they did? And just where do your real interests lie anyway? Why the @#$% did you publish that story?” I get this series of questions, or some variation thereof, more than rarely but less than frequently, so let’s say occasionally throughout the year. Usually, it comes in reaction to a story which we have linked on one of our daily newsletters: USGNN.com, glassBYTES.com or dwmmag.com. And usually, the person firing the questions at me is pretty fired up too. On the USGNN side, stories about… Read More »

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