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September 2013

Ah, the Hum


It wasn’t an overwhelming buzz, it was more like a hum—a strong, steady hum. Last week’s show in Atlanta brought a greater air of optimism than I have seen at any time in the past five years. And those great harbingers of business—the machinery and truck manufacturers—were deliriously happy. It may be September, but it feels like spring! Now some of it is pent up demand as they say, that’s true, but pent up demand alone could not account for nearly every single piece of machinery being either pre-sold or sold on the floor. And deals–real deals–were being done. Gone was the “How are you, really?” question of the last… Read More »

The Stories You Don’t Write

I just settled into my seat on Delta 1483 headed to Atlanta … for the 32nd time. Yes, that’s right, this is my 32nd year of consecutive attendance at this show. If there is someone out there who has attended more consecutive shows, I have yet to find them—though I think Dan DeGorter has been to more overall shows, just not consecutively. As one of my co-workers said “I don’t know whether to envy you or pity you.” They have a point. You decide. This year’s event is back at the site of the first one in which I participated in 1981, though in those days the whole event, including… Read More »

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