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December 2013

The End of an Anno Domini

Okay, okay, we’ve been talking about it for the past few weeks so I’ll just come out and say it. Here are my picks for the top five glass industry stories of the year. Now when I say “top five” I don’t mean in terms of popularity or shock value. These five are my picks for the stories that will have the most impact and effect on the industry. Here they are in order: ASHRAE’s withdrawal of its addendum to 90.1 that would have reduced the amount of glazing allowable in buildings.  (See the story here). That addendum had the potential to do more damage to the glass industry than any… Read More »

Have a Happy Merry

2013 was one of the strangest and most unique years through which I have lived. It started with a bang–literally—and ends with a reminder that the miracle of life is all around us and not just the result of a live birth, although that is rather fitting at Christmas time. Join me a for minute and you’ll see what I mean. That bang that began in April was actually the bomb that went off at the Boston Marathon. It’s still hard for me to believe that I was there and saw the bombs go off—what really were the odds of that especially for a person who had never before been… Read More »

It’s Round-Up Time

This is number two. Numero dos. This is my penultimate blog of the year and I am taking a look back at the biggest industry stories of the year. Today, I am focusing on news events in the past six months that have long-term ramifications for the industry.  I have even included a category called “stories with legs” for stories about glass that grow legs beyond the glass industry and into the mainstream consumer press. Here is a brief look at the last six months: Bankruptcies: Dlubak Inc. in early August. Mergers and acquisitions: The acquisition of said Dlubak by Grey Mountain after quite a bidding war, Apogee’s acquisition of… Read More »

And the Envelope, Please

Well, it’s almost that time of year again, and we are getting ready.  No, it’s not Christmas or New Year, and Hanukkah is over. Nope, it’s not any of the usual suspects. There are three annuals that hit every December and you won’t find them on any datebook except the glass industry’s calendar. The first is the USGlass Magazine Product of the Year Awards. Announced every December, these highly anticipated awards are given by our readers and editors together to the products we wrote about in 2013 that were so new, so revolutionary or unique that they merited honor. The Products of the Year will be announced in the December… Read More »

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