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April 2014

Are We There Yet?


The amazing growth in the sale and use of decorative glass over the past three years led me to wonder where the market is in terms of its maturity. Given all the new technologies and rapid growth, I don’t think we are quite there yet. There’s lots of business to be had in many different places throughout the United States. To check out my theory, I looked not only at what types of decorative category glass was being made, but where. The results tell an interesting story of manufacturers being concentrated in a number of areas throughout the country: View Where the Decorative Fabricators Are/Regional in a full screen map… Read More »

Fear Itself

Fear and worry are difficult emotions. They are difficult to control and even harder to conquer. We have things we fear and things we worry about. Oh sure, the unknown and uncertainty are always in there, but otherwise they are usually personal things. Yet in business, there are collective fears and worries. I recently completed a small informal research study among our quietest group of readers—the primary manufacturers—about what keeps this group that starts with sand and ends with glass up at night. The answers may surprise you. I know the results surprised me. I guess that’s because I expected the answers to revolve around the manufacture of glass and… Read More »

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