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August 2015

Glass in Full Glory?

Saint Peter

I saw something last month that really bothered me—so much so that my mind keeps coming back to it over and over again. I try to put it out of my head, but it’s haunting me and I just can’t shake it, because I need your help to fix it. Let me explain. I was fortunate to take two great trips this summer—the first one through some great cities in Europe, which included fulfilling a lifelong desire to visit Vatican City. The second was the annual trip my sister and I (the two crazy aunts) take with their nephew Kevin (who, of course is perfect in every way) every year—but more… Read More »

The Glassiest of Places

The window in the sleeping rooms at the Renaissance Barcelona Fira.

I was fortunate to spend two weeks in Europe last month and got to visit a number of countries and cities. And in the course of my travels, I found the glassiest building I’ve ever seen. I even got to stay in it—and man, was it memorable. Barcelona, Spain is one of my favorite cities to visit. It’s an amazing combination of history and art combined with a modernista vibe and viewpoint. It embraces history and is cutting edge. The city of Antonio Gaudi embraces architecture as its birthright and showcases landmark buildings with distinction and reverence. So I’d like to say that I researched the city extensively and found this… Read More »

Five Things Every Consumer Should Know about Glass

As you can imagine, I spend a fair amount of time discussing glass, and not just in my role as USGlass magazine’s publisher. Family, friends, and almost everyone I meet, asks me something about glass when they find out what I do. Over the years, these very questions and comments have led to my own “wish list” of things I wish the average consumer knew about glass. Here’s my top five: 1. Glass is not just glass. There are thousands upon thousands of different types of glass with distinct properties and performance characteristics. Some, like mirror, are easily recognizable, but most are not. Glass comes in different thicknesses, sizes, strengths… Read More »

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