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June 2019

Food for Action, Not Thought

It’s been encouraging to see the level of care and concern our industry has put toward the recent proposals in New York City and heartening to have heard from so many readers about my recent blogs on the same subjects. Others in the industry have also taken up the cause with their thoughts on the subject and today I want to share Ric Jackson’s very astute blog for our sister publication, Door & Window Market (DWM) magazine. In it, he explains the interconnectivity of all pieces of the “green” puzzle and the localities and agencies that endeavor to regulate them: “Another Report Calls for Rapid Growth in Green Construction.”

Bird-Friendly, BIM-Friendly

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2019 Conference on Architecture, held earlier this month in Las Vegas, brought together thousands of architects and exhibitors. Visitors came for education and to bridge the gap between products and specifications. Here’s my take on the top trends: 1.  Glass for the Birds—Literally Bird-friendly glass has moved from novelty to de rigueur as a number of primary manufacturers and fabricators have advanced offerings. What began as a lark, so to speak, to protect our feathered friends has soared in popularity as the architectural glass community took action to reduce the number of avian deaths. You can see some of the latest here: AIA 2019… Read More »

The Future Construction Workforce: The Sounds of Silence

It happened pretty quietly and without fanfare, but it’s one of those “silent statistics” that has the potential to bring real change to our industry and to construction in general. Let me explain. Last year, for the first time, the average annual salary of construction workers passed those of college graduates. It wasn’t by a lot—$59,124 for the college grads vs. $59,267 for the construction workers—but it was significant and seen as the continuation of a trend that hasn’t peaked yet. What’s up? Well, demand for one. The U.S. has a high demand for workers in construction jobs (especially the very skilled ones like plumbers, electricians, ironworkers and glaziers) but… Read More »

New York Odds

So if you have been reading DEBlog over the past month, you know I have been taking the mayor of the Empire States’ largest city to task for indiscriminate attacks on glass. You can read about them here and here. My concern only grows stronger, however, after having read the whole proposed Amendment to the City Charter and Administrative Code. Please note first and on an important symbolic level, nowhere in the amendment is the word “glass” actually mentioned. That’s right. For all the verbal daggers sent its way, glass as a material is no different than any other material in the amendment. But a review of the entire document… Read More »

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