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September 2019

Hitting the Spot

Trade shows, and the industries they encompass, have a cyclic rhythm. Companies engage in a fair amount of research and development, then cycle over to applying new technology to product which they then introduce at trade shows. This, in turn, starts a whole new round of R&D and well, here we go again. The 2019 GlasBbuild America, held in Atlanta, September 12-14, hit the industry’s sweet spot as we cycled from the heavy R&D the last few years to the introduction of game-changing new products and processes. Here’s my take on the top trends this year: 1. Automation Innovation: If you can move glass a certain way, then you can… Read More »

Brought to You by the Letter E

Anyone who has been a kid, or raised kids or grandkids, in the past 50 years knows how the show Sesame Street usually starts. It opens with a Muppet popping up to tell us which letter of the alphabet is sponsoring the program on that particular day. Well, if GlassBuild America 2019 (GBA) had a Grover, Elmo or Big Bird pop up, they would surely say “this show is brought to you by the letter E.” E? Yes, here’s why. The e-vent which ended today at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, is both exhaustive and exhausting, but it’s also an exhilarating ode to the glass industry played out… Read More »

Better Late …

No blog today, but there’s a good reason for that. I bet you have already guessed it. It’s because I’ll be reporting in from Atlanta all this week and look forward to doing so. I hope to see you there. If you get a chance, stop by booth 2810 to say hello.

Something Else to Worry About

Glazing contractors best beware of the newest scam going around. It’s surprisingly simple, yet has duped owners and general contractors out of millions of dollars in payments that should have been going to you. Here’s how it works: thieves either provide, or get payers to change, the account into which they transfer payments via wire transfers from a legitimate one to a fraudulent one. Once they receive the payment, they empty the account and run. Thieves generally accomplish this by hacking into email and using the basic knowledge they find there to run their scam. The Marous Brothers, a general contracting firm in Ohio, learned this the hard way earlier… Read More »

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