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March 2020

Heart of Glass

People are the heroes of the COVID-19 health crisis we are living through right now. The news is full of them—the medical personnel risking their lives, the first responders, the neighbors helping neighbors—they are heroes all for their bravery, initiative and tenacity. And not to take a single thing from or in any way diminish these most courageous of individuals, glass is an inanimate kind hero in this crisis, too. Time and time again during these past few weeks we have seen what glass has been able to give us that otherwise would have been lost to this virus …. The granddaughter joyously showing her grandfather her newly-placed engagement ring… Read More »

What We Are Doing

It’s funny how simple, throw-away sentences like “Hope you are well” or “How are you?” have taken on a new and much deeper meaning in light of the pandemic that has gripped us. COVID-19 sprung into our daily lives like the plot of the most twisted of sci-fi movies. It’s here and it’s all of ours to deal with. I hope you are well and stay healthy. I am not going to add to what you’re already dealing with, beyond reiterating how much we want to help you get through this and emerge whole on the other side of it. Our weapon in this war is accurate information, and here’s… Read More »

BEC: An Eventful Event

The Building Envelope Contractors (BEC) Conference, held early last week, will prove to be one of its most memorable editions. The 24-year old conference departed Vegas and landed in Music City USA for the first time. Its notable debut there was peppered with increasing concern about the spreading coronavirus, which kept some attendees from shaking hands or standing too close to each other. And then there was the nearby tornado that jolted attendees awake and out of their hotel rooms early Tuesday morning. I recognize that it may seem trivial to focus on the conference when 24 people lost their lives in the tornado Tuesday morning and that there are… Read More »

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