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July 2020

The Nerve, the New and the Negative

A nerve was hit last week, the likes of which I haven’t seen in a long time. Luckily it wasn’t a result of a visit to the dentist nor an encounter with a pushy person. No, the “it” was this blog last week that hit quite a nerve. I heard from tons of people with examples, stories and horror about scenarios, all surrounding the improper installation of glass railings. You can read the original here. Both the number and the passion of the responses surprised me. So we have a myriad of problems around this issue. The first is the prevalence of the issue. As I said last week, there… Read More »

Railing Against Railings

Is it just me or have you too seen an avalanche of shoddy new glass railing work? The increased use of such technology is a natural outgrowth of the desire for breathtaking views from smaller spaces and a desire to make vistas ever wider. Whether categorized as glass railings, glass windscreens, glass balconies or glass side rails, they all involve floor-to-waist glazing that offers transparency and views while providing a degree of separation and protection. It’s the increased protection part that bothers me. Am I the only one who has seen some incredibly awful and possibly unsafe railing jobs done out there? I saw a picture of one this weekend,… Read More »

It’s Not Unusual

Hard to believe that July is happening while I am still waiting for April, May and June to occur. The only thing usual during this time is the unusual, and the only thing ordinary is the extraordinary. I will explain. The ordinary things we usually do—the haircuts, the beverage sipped from the coffee shop table, sending the kids off to summer camp—they are all quite unusual now due to the world’s microscopic guest star—and I don’t mean guest star in a good way. Just about everything we do has been disrupted. And like any good open, laissez-faire ecosystem, disruptors are ripe to take advantage of the change. The report I first… Read More »

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