Carpe Anno

So here we find ourselves in 2016. Wasn’t it just yesterday we were hoarding water and batteries in anticipation of Y2K? Not this year, my friends. Call this year whatever you want–the year of the millennial, the year of the angry voter, or the Chinese calendar’s year of the monkey–but I know the truth. This glorious 2016 that rose into being four days ago, is the year of glass.

Let me explain. They say that 90 percent of the solution is understanding the problem, and our industry is finally there in a number of areas. We finally understand that we must meet the design challenges that architects and design professionals present. We have seen, through a number of examples, glass manufacturers challenged to push the proverbial envelope with stunning results. The guys in Cupertino, Calif., have incited a glass riot of creativity that is being translated into a building.

Our industry understands that it must develop and retain talent and that its pricing woes are mostly within its control. We’ve learned not to be defensive about the energy performance of glass, as we continue to develop glass that focuses on specific performance characteristics. And we’ve embraced coatings of every type as manufacturers experiment with coatings up and down the periodic table.

Long construction’s whipping boy, the glass industry has learned to fight back against those who would curtail its use with one loud and effective voice. We are at the table and part of the design/build team.

And through it all, we work with one of the most beautiful, versatile, unique and memorable materials there is. 2016 is our industry’s year. Make it yours as well.

Happy New Year!