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Why the @#$% Did You Run That?

“What is wrong with you people? Are you crazy or just nuts? How could you possibly have run that story? Why are you endorsing what they did? And just where do your real interests lie anyway? Why the @#$% did you publish that story?” I get this series of questions, or some variation thereof, more than rarely but less than frequently, so let’s say occasionally throughout the year. Usually, it comes in reaction to a story which we have linked on one of our daily newsletters: USGNN.com, glassBYTES.com or dwmmag.com. And usually, the person firing the questions at me is pretty fired up too. On the USGNN side, stories about… Read More »

Giving Thanks–and More

This is Thanksgiving week in the United States. And though we here as a country certainly have our issues, we definitely have more to be thankful for than not. I also believe that we, as an industry, are a generous one and no where has this been more true than in the aftermath of the hurricane that hit the East Coast. And that’s why I am writing today. Two weeks ago, in response to numerous requests for help from shops hard hit by the storm, we set up a web page where people could go and request help. We took it off line late last week as the requests were… Read More »

Please Help

Over the course of the past week, I have learned some sadly amazing and horrific stories of loss as a result of the hurricane that walloped the Northeast last week. And my most beloved glass industry, we have got to step up. I have heard tale after tale of people who have lost all as a result of the storm and it’s heart-breaking. Consider this email we received today from Mark Knapp of the BL Group who said: “How can we … help these folks? There are glass shops that have lost everything !!!!!!! There were a about 6-7 glass shops wiped out in storm and maybe more. These are… Read More »

Fathers—of Invention and Otherwise

“Repositionable note” is the generic term for 3M’s Post-It-Notes®, those little usually-yellow squares most office workers use everyday. Just about everybody knows the story of its birth, as the low-tack glue languished within 3M’s confines for six years before it found a home on paper. This goes to prove the old saying (that I just made up) “it’s not in the invention, it’s in the application.” And, by golly, there are a few new glass inventions just waiting for an application to ride them to glory. You may have seen the news reports last week about Corning’s creation of “Willow Glass,” which is basically the same as the glass currently used… Read More »

AIA: Day One and All the Fun

If first impressions mean anything, and we all know that they do, then the first few hours of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Conference, which opened in Washington D.C. this morning has impressed me a good bit. It seems the move to new venues such New Orleans last year and now DC is bearing attendance fruit as the show seems busier than it did in New down in the bayou last year. We are based over in booth 821, right across from Oldcastle Building Envelope’s (booth 825) large, sleek booth which enjoyed steady traffic from minute one on. And so far, it’s a show full of surprises and interesting turns…. Read More »

A Sure Win

This never happens, never, ever happens, at least not to me anyway. But it has. I can’t believe it, but I have found myself in the proverbial “Can’t Lose” situation. And this time it’s a sure thing. I am referring of course to the Stanley Cup playoff round now being played between the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers. No divided loyalties here. I will be happy no matter who emerges victorious. Here’s why. I grew up on hockey. My father was well-known to family, friends and the entire universe as the world’s greatest New York Rangers’ fan. Now, lots of people say they are fans, but my father… Read More »

Games and Game-Changers

I am writing this on a Sunday night on the road as I flip channels between the Giants-49ers game and “Undercover Boss,” which is featuring Dina Dwyer Owens, the president of Glass Doctor’s parent company, Dwyer Group. Dina was kind enough to give USGNN.com an interview about the show on Friday and I was anxious to see it. So far, the Giants are leading 10-7 and Dina is visiting a Mr. Rooter franchisee in Roswell, Ga. An employee is voicing an opinion that “something shady is going on” because he has had pretty tiny paychecks the last eight weeks – one week he ended up owing $21. Do not worry,… Read More »

Things We Can’t Even Imagine – But Did

Happy New Year. Welcome to another year of things we can’t even imagine that haven’t happened yet. I guess that’s true every year, but last year was especially so. Some of those things will be good, and some will not, but most of them will be full of surprises and change and that’s what makes news, so let’s get to it. A New Home for Binswanger It took about only six months from when I predicted that Binswanger would be sold til it was. Grey Mountain Partners of Boulder, Colo., acquired Binswanger Enterprises LLC of Memphis, Tenn., from Sun Capital last week. It’s nice to see this story have a… Read More »

The Story is Always in the Glass–and Happy New Year too!

You know, sometimes it takes a customer to remind you what you are doing wrong. And if you read this blog regularly you know I will do so when I am and hope that it not too frequently. So it is with humble heart that I bow to Earnest Thompson of Guardian Industries, who reminded me of my own motto–that the story is always in the glass. See our robust editorial staff of eight has been running around trying to ferret out the last stories or come up with those hard-hitting investigative pieces and we missed …. yes, I must say missed …. the biggest stories of the holiday season…. Read More »

Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

You know it’s going to be an interesting start to the week when hear both “Raindays and Mondays” and “Manic Monday” on your five minute drive to work, which is exactly what happened to me this morning. Sure makes you want to get out of the car and start the week. So with that in mind, just a few random thoughts for this week: Thought 1: A Gift I have had some very lovely correspondence during the past few days with one Jason Archinaco, son of the late Frank Archinaco, who recently came across the article I wrote about his Dad, the late former PPG/PGW executive. Anyone who knew Frank… Read More »

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