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In Dedication

Whenever it’s summer Olympics time, it’s also time for USGlass to do its quadrennial “Most Influential People in the Glass Industry” feature, which is exactly what we did last month. Thanks to everyone who wrote with nice compliments. They were appreciated. Our next issue of USGlass magazine, the September issue, is dedicated to the memory of Shirley W. Palmer-Ball of Palmer Mirro-Mastic, who died late last month at the age of 82. There are very few people you meet in life like Mr. Palmer-Ball. And when you do, you know right away that you are in the presence of eminence, because not only their words, but their actions, tell you… Read More »

A Matter of Influence

Influence is the most subjective of qualities. It is far easier to know when someone doesn’t have it than when they do. And influence is value-neutral. This is why Time magazine’s “Man (now Person) of the Year” has ranged from presidents and astronauts to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Time’s definition for the distinction is “the individual or group of individuals who have had the biggest effect on the year’s news.” Every four years, we scour our industry for those individuals who meet a variation of Time’s definition. They are the people who have had the biggest effect on the industry. This is not a popularity contest. It’s about choosing… Read More »

Vacation Time

I am on vacation this week and taking a short break from blogging. Be sure to look for my blog to return next Monday, July 30. See you then, and have a great week!

The Big Ohhhhh

Today it’s my turn and I feel the power. People have come to me for help and I want to give it. I like to think it’s in my nature. Trouble is, I have no idea what I am talking about, and I need your help. I am sure you get questions like I do. When people hear you are in the glass business, they immediately assume that you have all the answers … about all types of glass including glass bottles, glass plates, carnival glass (though I know where to go to get answers on that one) … you know what I mean, you get the questions too. I… Read More »

Insulating Comes of Age

Anyone who has any doubt the ’10s will be the decade of insulating glass did not get to hear Mike McHugh’s excellent recent presentation about the future of insulating glass. McHugh, president of Integrated Automation Systems, gave one of those clichéd presentations during the Glass Processing Automation Days event, sponsored by Fenetech, in Cleveland two weeks ago. I say clichéd presentation because you could describe it as an eye-popping and head-jerking seminar along with every other jaw-dropping cliché you could imagine and that still wouldn’t do it justice. And yes, you could hear a pin drop throughout the whole thing. No one left, let alone even stood up. Nary a… Read More »

On Hurricanes and Cruises

So my sister calls me last night and starts talking in a voice brimming with triumph. “Debby,” she says, “is not very organized, but way stronger than she looks, and she loves the Florida Coast so much it doesn’t look like she is going leave anytime soon. I’d say they have you pegged,” she giggles. There’s an old Neil Young song that starts “You are like a hurricane.” Well, this week I am. I have to admit it’s a weird feeling to hear the news in the background talking about Debby not moving or Debby getting more powerful. Technically I’m spelled with an “ie” instead of “y” but it still… Read More »

Fathers—of Invention and Otherwise

“Repositionable note” is the generic term for 3M’s Post-It-Notes®, those little usually-yellow squares most office workers use everyday. Just about everybody knows the story of its birth, as the low-tack glue languished within 3M’s confines for six years before it found a home on paper. This goes to prove the old saying (that I just made up) “it’s not in the invention, it’s in the application.” And, by golly, there are a few new glass inventions just waiting for an application to ride them to glory. You may have seen the news reports last week about Corning’s creation of “Willow Glass,” which is basically the same as the glass currently used… Read More »

The Real Crown Jewels

The recent motion by Trainor Glass asking the U.S. Bankruptcy Court if it could sell some of its assets certainly set tongues a ‘waggin. But these assets are chump change compared to the biggest jewel left hiding in Trainor’s crown. And here’s my guess as to where that went. First, some background. As you remember, Trainor Glass, one of the largest contract glaziers in the country, filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in mid-March. Amid all the many legal filings was in mid-May requesting that Court approve the sale to Harmon Inc. of substantially all Trainor’s machinery, tools, supplies and other tangible property from four locations (Florida, North Carolina, Texas and… Read More »

Turning Tables

I am turning the blog tables a bit just for this week, following the industry’s lead and “subcontracting” it out. I am privileged today to introduced our new assistant editor, Erica Terrini, who we asked to describe her first two weeks at USGlass. —Deb Hitting the Ground Running by Erica Terrini, eterrini@glass.com As a newbie to the glass industry, it can be intimidating to interject one’s self into all the ins and outs of such a fast-paced environment. But after only several weeks, I can say without hesitation that I have grown quite attached to this newly, adopted perspective in which to view the world. My first introduction came in… Read More »

Top Five Trends in Glass at the AIA Show

Never one to write long if I can write short, here are the top five glass trends from the AIA 2012 convention, which just ended Saturday: 1. Dynamic and solar control glass a-go-go:  The primary manufacturers were out in semi-force (no AGC, no Cardinal) touting new and advanced products for solar control and energy efficiency. PPG Industries and Pleotint teamed up to present Suntuitive. It changes shading based on temperature and is easy to install, according to PPG’s Joanne Funyak;  Honeymooners Saint-Gobain and Sage Electrochomic were discussing a future of joint products (though they still had separate booths). Saint-Gobain also displayed electrochromic microlouvers available with both fixed and dynamic daylight control;… Read More »

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