On the Road with USGlass

Deserving of Note

Glass Expo West ‘19 is just around the corner and for me that means heading west this week. But before the big trip, I wanted to share a few items of interest that have come up in the past few weeks. (And, if you are in the San Diego area, here’s a free pass to the event.) Each reflects subtle changes with implications for our industry:

      1. AIA has updated a number of key construction documents including a new one that specifically addresses construction managers as advisors (CMa’s) and constructors (CMc’s). The AIA document also incorporates changes made in 2017 to the A201 General Conditions. What’s especially interesting to me is that AIA has codified the new pre-bid process, ever more common in design-build projects, as well as the role of the owner’s consultant throughout the project. Since few of these documents encompass the role of the subcontractor, you may not be interested in the entire AIA webinar, but definitely take a look at how architects see the building process fundamentally changed from the traditional models. The part to which I refer begins at the 7:09 time mark.
      2. The concern that the high-growth fracking industry might steal too much sand away from the glass industry appears to be lessening. A November 19 article in the Wall Street Journal reports that frackers are migrating away from the high-quality white sand, usually mined in the Midwest, to so-called “brown sand” they can mine locally.
      3.  Something new from our research department: The Glass and Glazing Quarterly Review, a snapshot of the previous quarter’s activity in architectural glass-related construction. It measures the dollar value of work performed by contract glaziers and glass/metal contractors in the U.S. during a three-month period. The one-page, information-packed PDF is available for free to industry members.

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      Have a great week.