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For Fathers — Of People, Country and Otherwise


Father’s Day is but six days away; the Stanley Cup finals start Wednesday night and this glass-related blog is due now, so it got me thinking about …. You guessed it … fathers in the glass industry who love hockey.My own Dad died three years ago and it’s still rare to go more than a few hours without thinking of him. Though he was not in the glass industry, he was by osmosis as he watched our magazines grow.  So, in a nod to the late Art Buchwald (who re-ran his column about celebrating Thanksgiving in France every year on Thanksgiving) and, in honor of Father’s Day, I am including a link to my own Father’s Day story from last year here: https://deblog.usglassmag.com/?p=1135.

And if you would like to see how our visit to the glass plant that hosted the Stanley Cup went, you can do so here: http://www.usglassmag.com/USGlass/2001/0108/issue.html plant.

Former Guardian president Russ Ebeid enjoys a laugh on the way to Ellis Island, where he was honored as one of the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations’ Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipients.

All of us who had wonderful dads know that the gifts they gave us live on and that we will, for now and always, want those dads to be proud of us.

I think that is why retired Guardian president Russ Ebeid was so moved by the honor he recently received. Ebeid was one of the recipients of the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations’ Ellis Island Medal of Honor last month.  I know that, in addition to being a well-deserved award, it must have been an especially cherished one because it honors the work ethic and character he inherited from his father –and mother.  Some gifts from Dad come in the most unexpected packages and many years later.

And while we are on such a paternal subject, check out this video father of the bride David Devenish of Fenzi North America tearing up the dance floor with his daughter, Daniele. Check out the guest in the blue dress on the side as well.

I think David got it right. When it comes to fathers and their children, it goes so fast, it’s all one big time warp.

Happy Father’s Day to all.