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Games and Game-Changers

I am writing this on a Sunday night on the road as I flip channels between the Giants-49ers game and “Undercover Boss,” which is featuring Dina Dwyer Owens, the president of Glass Doctor’s parent company, Dwyer Group. Dina was kind enough to give an interview about the show on Friday and I was anxious to see it.

So far, the Giants are leading 10-7 and Dina is visiting a Mr. Rooter franchisee in Roswell, Ga. An employee is voicing an opinion that “something shady is going on” because he has had pretty tiny paychecks the last eight weeks – one week he ended up owing $21. Do not worry, though, Dina has already called the office to get things fixed. I give both Dina and the Giants a lot of credit. It takes a lot of fortitude to put yourself out there in front of millions of people without knowing what the final outcome will be.

I got to visit some friends in Pittsburgh today and see a nail-bitter of a hockey game at Consol Energy Stadium. The excellent play took the sting out of the Caps loss 3-2 in overtime. It was a great game.

But the story is always in the glass and the Consol Center is no exception. The expanses of glass compliment the design and give all visitors – whether sitting low or high – a great view of the city. I was amazed by how well insulated the building was and how there was no glare, even as the sun fell in the winter. PPG’s hard work in product development really shines.

I continue to work the remote like a conductor’s baton. Both Dina and Eli Manning are sweating at the same time. Dina, because she is planting flowers in 104 hot and humid degrees in Memphis and appears to have stumbled into a hive of bees. And Eli because he has just been knocked down by a Mr. Harrelson.

Maybe people love sports because it is so much like business. Or vice versa.

The Game Changer

The real game changer this month was the emergence of Grey Mountain as a new and formidable force in the glass and metal industry. The private equity company’s purchase of both Custom Components and Binswanger garnered attention, but it was its acquisition of Columbia Commercial Building Products that made a statement. It is clear that these are just the opening moves in the emergence of a new and powerful glass and metal supplier. Watch for more such moves in the future as I would expect such acquisitions to be Arturo Carillo’s focus in the future.

And game changers do just that in many cases for the better. Just ask the 49ers who now lead 14-10 and the worthy franchisee employees to whom Dina gave more than $50,000 in cash, trucks and sunshades at the end of the episode. And sometimes the instant changes are not for the better. Just ask Derrell Brown, who just left the field, injured in an eye-blink.

And in another blink of an eye, the Giants are back on top, 17-14, no wait it’s tied again 17-17.

Total wimp that I am, I’m not sure I will be able to stay awake til the end of the game. But the one thing I absolutely love … about sports and business … is that you never know how it will end til it does.

Have a good week.