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GBA Day One

John Weise’s week at GlassBuild America sure started with a bang. Imagine the F. Barkow exec’s surprise when he arrived at his booth to find a group of Atlanta police searching all over the truck he had on display. The police told him that they were searching for bombs and the like. Nothing was found.

Turns out that his “single stack” truck is so new and innovative that an enterprising group of competitors, who the police thought might not have been from this country, decided to go all the way underneath the truck, camera in hand, to take pictures of how he did it. Nice compliment, but not quite fair, and you just don’t do those kinds of things during a week that starts with September 11. The gang of covert picture-takers had good taste, however, as Weise’s truck is already sold and he reports interest in the new technology is high.

 Barkow wasn’t the only truck supplier to garner a fair amount of attention. myglasstruck was touting its “nice rack” slogan with pink ribbons everywhere and by making donations to the Susan B. Komen Fund for breast cancer research.


It’s just that kind of a show this year.


And so began the first day of GlassBuild America in Atlanta. Reviews on the show thus far have been all over the map. For example, I had a conversation with one machinery supplier who talked about beginning to see a hint, just a hint, of business pick up. The next  next supplier I chatted with was worried because the parking lot of the Georgia World Congress Center was not nearly as it was two years ago.

But, as usual, the emphasis was on the products–the new and the refined. One of the busiest booths was called the 3-Glass, Windows and Doors booth featuring an innovative new energy efficient system. Spydercrane Sales also had quite a glass handling piece of equipment in its booth, complete with multiple and variable suction cups … giving out catalogues faster than should be humanly possible was Jim Murphy of Strybuc … his company continues to expand and purchase others in new geographic areas …and Mary Hestor of JLM reported good sales as well. Those hardware guys must be doing something right.

 So now, and without further delay, on to the awards. As I do every year, here are my daily awards, I call them “the debbies”:


Weirdest feeling: Seeing Vitro, the Glass Company (that’s Vitro of Mexico) in one booth and knowing that Vitro (as in Vitro America), now part of Trulite, was in another;

Hottest topic of the day:  There’s a tie between the continued epidemic of failures of glass in glass railing systems and manufacturers selling direct to generals and building owners;


Classiest booth: Alumax Bath by Sapa was an exquisite presentation of shower doors;

Best looking booth: Gossen with a very nice presentation;


Greenest booth: Hamos, which showcased the recycling of vinyl as in those used in vinyl profiles;


Best line of the day (overheard on the escalator): “Used to be if the stock market fluctuated 200 points in a day, I’d reach for my heart medicine, but now I just say so what else is new?”;


Best shirts: Well they’re not shirts, they are vests, but they win. Because PPG personnel were sporting a line of summer vests this year, rather than those warm and fuzzies they had last time;


Cutest couple: Dave Herbert and Bill Furr, together again, where they belong. Herbert recently left Coastal and joined Furr to open up a Florida branch of Arizona Shower door. They look happy and, in the end, isn’t that all that matters?


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