Giving Thanks–and More

This is Thanksgiving week in the United States. And though we here as a country certainly have our issues, we definitely have more to be thankful for than not. I also believe that we, as an industry, are a generous one and no where has this been more true than in the aftermath of the hurricane that hit the East Coast. And that’s why I am writing today.

Two weeks ago, in response to numerous requests for help from shops hard hit by the storm, we set up a web page where people could go and request help. We took it off line late last week as the requests were beginning to overwhelm us. As soon as we have helped the first shops, we will put it back up.

I have been heartened by all the people who have offered help and assistance. I heard quickly from Russ Cassaway and Michael Frett of and John Weise of Barkow. All offered racks for Ford F 150s. Now we just have to find some spare 150s for sale or lease. Earnest Thompson of Guardian contacted me right away too saying he did not know exactly what they could do but they would help in any way they could. He was just one of many people and companies that pledged to help. Now let me tell you what is needed. For privacy sake, we are not identifying the shops here, but please be assured each is legit and will be visited in person by our representative before donations/loans/ sales are made. All donated funds are being used to by and furnish equipment to shops in need.

Shop One, Staten Island, N.Y.
This shop is looking for a F250 Ford. The glass racks were salvaged as was an extended cab with 8′ cab but the shop lost five trucks. They need two to get back in business and help other people in Staten Island. The shop also had a Sprinter 2007 which would be great to get again, used is fine. They have successfully rented a U-Haul box truck but are unable to transfer glass. They will have a more extended list of tools needs shortly. “We are located on Staten Island and lost everything in the office as well. Greatly appreciate any assistance through this program,” said their request.

Shop Two, Brooklyn, N.Y.
The family owned and operated 28-year-old business in Red Hook (Brooklyn), N.Y.,  located across the street from the East River,  lost everything. The following is a list of a few of the items that were destroyed:
–2 – 2008 GMC 4500 series chasie with 14 feet open body glass trucks witn Unruhfab 14 feet open body glass rack systems.
–1- 2006 GMC Savanna 2500 van STD body type with double glass rack and roof rack system.
–Z Bavelloni glass polishing machine model # PR88
–Z Bavelloni washing machine 2005
–Adira 10ft sheer model # GHS-0630 2005
–Adira 12ft brake press model # 2hd15040
–Geka punch press
–Hyracrop ss/ad
–Acuta punch dye yystem
–Slautterback Insulating machine #CRL/5510g
–Bromer glass cutting table 96×130
–Chop saws
–Power drills
–Screw guns
–Hand held polishers/belt sanders
–CR Laurence 8in and 10in suction cups
–Office computers,
–2010 HP 44inch Plotter Cannon copy machine and more. “Thank you all for your time support and prayers!” said the note on the website.

Shop Three, Jersey Shore
This shop lost everything from material stored for upcoming projects to furniture. A list of items lost includes the following:
–4 HON desks and chairs
–File cabinets
–Copy/fax machine
–Paper shredder
–2 company vehicles
–TCM 700 series-25 fork lift
–Shop tools including: Skill chop saw HD3812
–Powermatic 2000 table/router saw,
–10′ Chicago brake SB1014
–Acu Punch
–Hendrick Panel Saw VSAACM
–Milwaukee grinder 6130-33
–Dewalt chop saw DW715
–Pat Mooney Saw PMI-20
–Portacable compressor 150 psi
–Sheet rock dollies
–Dewalt sawzall,
–Dela drill press
–Cantilever racks
–Chop saw table
–Heavy duty dollies
–Multi-Max dremel
–YKK 45T die/punch
–Milwaukee orbital sawzall. 6538-21, 607-21, 6511
–Dewalt hammerdrill DW505
–Dewalt impact gun DW290
–Milwaukee 90degree drill 0370-20
–Hilto screwgun
–Drywall guns
–Powers hear KE440
–Bosch grinder
–Bosch table saw
–Makita table saw
–Husquarna cut off saw 371k
–Hilto PM laser
–Craftsman 916474 compressor and more.
“We have paid for flood insurance every year since we’ve been in business,” said the owner. “But the insurance company is telling us our damage was from wind not water so there is no claim. The only way we can survive is to get back in business.”

If you are willing to provide assistance, please contact me and I’ll tell you how. During this Thanksgiving week, let’s help those in our industry family in need of it.

And happy thanksgiving to you. I will, for every day and all my years, be always thankful for you.