On the Road with USGlass

Heart of Glass

Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d write this very public love letter. It’s for you to guess who the addressee is, but then again,  I think you know already.

heart four

I think you know because you may feel the same way—if you underwent the same process I did, thinking your lot in the business world just happened to include this particular material. But then, the more you got to know it, understand it and see what it could do, the more you loved it.

And I do love glass, as much as you can love any inanimate object, anyway. I love the way it looks, the way it moves, all you can do with it… oh, and yeah, sometimes, I even love to look through it.

More than any other building material (with metal a distant second), glass can combine artistry with function. It can elicit emotion and character. And it keeps evolving.

That glass is used in so many clichés and allegories is a testament to how strong an image it creates. And when you add in its role in everything from tall buildings to combo TV screen/windows, you see its versatility.

And glass is functional. Glass continues to evolve to more energy efficient heights, to tighter radii of curvatures, to more advanced insulating characteristics and security functions.

PrintEvery time I see a new design, or application, I get to fall in love with its beauty all over again. Sure, we are all in business, but we have a remarkable material to work with.

Glass endures. Happy Valentine’s Day!


P.S.: Shout out to Bill Yanek, who publicized the “World without Glass” video from the Brits last week: