In and Out Merger

Almost everything is different due to COVID-19, an unwelcomed visitor upon this planet whose appearance has lasted far too long. While the pandemic doesn’t change the most important things in life—the people you love (assuming they have not sadly been a victim of it), the morals you hold and the faith you live by—a lot of other things will and have changed. Here’s an updated list of what industry and business items are going out and what’s coming in as a result of what we are experiencing.
This is an open list, so if you have any suggestions for other items that should be included, please send them in and I’ll update the list. Thanks and please stay safe.
IN                                                                    OUT

Elbow Pops                                                       Handshakes
Air Hugs                                                            Real Hugs
Virtual Meetings                                              Live Ones
Private Space                                                    Collaborative Office Space
Traditional Ventilation                                   Enhanced Ventilation
Print Publications                                            Online and “Zoom” Fatigue
Tiny Houses                                                      Bigger Ones
Open Home Space                                           Private Home Offices
Storefronts                                                        Drive Throughs
Operable Windows                                          Inoperable Ones
Touchless Entry                                               Locks and Keys
Automatic Doors                                             Door Handles
Driving There                                                   Flying There
Once a Week Food Shopping                        “Pick Up” Shopping
Moving to a New House                                 Staying Put
Remodeling                                                       Living As Is
Partitions Everywhere                                    Partitions No Where
Open by Appointment Only                          Drop in Any Time
Visit Our Retail Center                                   Home Visits
Temperature Checks                                       Reality Checks
Flexible Space                                                   Defined Space
Grey Hair                                                           Color-Treated Hair
Bearded Faces                                                   Clean-Shaven Ones
Outdoor Rooms                                                Indoor Rooms
Anti-Bacterial Coatings                                   Traditional Coatings
Home Gyms                                                       Going to the Gym
Take Out                                                             Eat In
Al Fresco Everything                                        Indoor Anything
Hand-Washing                                                  Face-Touching