No Place Like Roam

Industry professionals were able to get together virtually during the event’s happy hour.

I think our wonderful USGlass magazine editor Ellen Rogers summed it up best. She was chatting at our virtual networking event on Thursday evening as part of GlassCon Global-Glass Expo VE when she said it, and she was right.

“You know,” Ellen said, “I really didn’t think I’d ever miss traveling. I do a lot of it and it can be a hassle. But getting to connect with people I hadn’t seen in months at the show and to enjoy a virtual happy hour together, just reminded me how much I miss being with everyone.” For Ellen, and all of us here, “everyone” is the glass industry and we miss being together.

We worked hard to create an event that would actually bring people together and allow them to interact and run into each other just as they would on a live trade show floor. We wanted a way for people to add other people into their conversations, just as they do at live events. And we wanted to make sure exhibitors could interact with potential customers in real time and that happened too. Just under 1,100 people visited the trade show floor during those two afternoons and we were thrilled to welcome them. They participated in 24 seminars, social events that included a wine tasting, which was sponsored by Groves Inc., 5K run/walk, morning yoga and closing happy hour—and they got to really truly connect with each other.

Anthony Darkangelo wraps up GlassCon Global VE-Glass Expo VE with his closing remarks.

It wasn’t live, but it was the best we could do in a world full of COVID, and people responded.
So I’d just like to extend my thanks to all who participated, including our great educational partners at GlassCon Global, major sponsor partners SAFTI FIRST, Diamon-Fusion and Kuraray, and all the panelists who were kind enough to participate in the various educational programs including:

  • John Dwyer, Syracuse Glass;
  • Jeff Jackson, PGT Innovations;
  • Ed Kalaher, Window Depot;
  • Nancy Mammaro, Mappi;
  • Louis Moreau, AGNORA; and
  • Mike Rosato, Salem Flat Glass & Mirror.

The best bloggers and columnists a publisher could ask for helped staff the networking lounge. Thanks to …

  • Paul Bieber, Bieber Consulting Group;
  • Craig Carson, Alliance Glazing Technologies;
  • Paul Daniels, Retired senior VP of sales, CRL;
  • Joe Erb, Quanex Building Products;
  • Scott Fox, Vetrotech Saint-Gobain, who filled in for Kevin Norcross, who was unable to attend at the last minute;
  • Lyle Hill,®;
  • John Rovi, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®;
  • Helen Sanders, Technoform;
  • Stephanie Staub, Architectural Glass Institute; and
  • Richard Voreis, Consulting Collaborative.

Thanks, too, to Wood’s Powr-Grip for bringing 26 participants to the 5K run, which enabled us to make a donation to St. Jude’s Hospital and Research Center. In fact, participants gained points by their actions which turned into a larger donation to St. Jude’s, an additional $1,268 contribution as the result of their actions.


There were also three prize winners in the leaderboard competition: Keelan Hofferber from Wood’s Powr-Grip Inc. came in first and won a $200 Amazon gift card. Kelly Jackson from Guardian Glass was second and won a $100 Amazon gift card and Spencer Raymond from GGI was third and won a $50 Amazon gift card.

Congratulations to all!

And finally, a big thank you to our incredible Digital Media team here led by Holly Biller, who brought this event to fruition in ten weeks. I know what they went through to make it happen.

It wasn’t live, but it was the next best thing. Thanks for joining us.