On Hurricanes and Cruises

So my sister calls me last night and starts talking in a voice brimming with triumph. “Debby,” she says, “is not very organized, but way stronger than she looks, and she loves the Florida Coast so much it doesn’t look like she is going leave anytime soon. I’d say they have you pegged,” she giggles.

There’s an old Neil Young song that starts “You are like a hurricane.” Well, this week I am.

I have to admit it’s a weird feeling to hear the news in the background talking about Debby not moving or Debby getting more powerful. Technically I’m spelled with an “ie” instead of “y” but it still sounds the same. I know all you Johns and Marys out there are used to hearing your name everywhere. I’m not.

The most important thing about Debby is that she reminds us that it is the start of hurricane season and all that this brings. If you haven’t yet seen the excellent stories on hurricane and tornado glazing in the June issue of USGlass, please check them out. Hurricanes are life-changing events that are difficult to appreciate unless you have been through one. My own home was damaged by Hurricane Isabel in 2003. I don’t wish that on anyone and, though it’s one of those acts of nature that is a good profit-maker, no one wishes for one. Glass companies are akin to first responders in such situations and need to be ready for me … er … Debby or Chris or whatever other such storm comes along.

Speaking of being ready, Ron Crowl and the team at Fenetech were particularly prophetic in planning their annual users’ conference theme. I am spending the beginning of this week at the excellent Fenetech Users and GPAD Conference being held in Cleveland. It has been really uplifting to see 100 or so users of Fenetech products learn about new products, including its Fenevision Neo and other new products.

What I didn’t realize fully, until today, was how the company also scours the world for quality machinery that might make sense for its customers and then acts as an agent in North America. “Really we will get involved when there is an engineering component,” says Crowl.

Ron Crowl (front row, second from right) and the Fenetech crew “set sail” at the company’s annual User and GPAD Conference, which began today.

The Fenetech crew debuted equipment from Eurotech Way that should help tempered glass fabricators clean tempered glass while avoid roller wave problems. “It is a revolutionary machine to clean your tempered glass,” said Horst Mertes Fenetech’s vice president of sales and marketing.

Crowl must be clairvoyant because he decided to invite its guests to a cruise on land, complete with a welcoming ship’s video and complete with his “crew” in full sea regalia (see photo).

Now had they tried a cruise at sea, Debby might have come along for the ride.

Have a good week.