I have always liked the word “bittersweet.” It’s both the taste and emotional equivalent of “happy and sad” at the same time. And that’s what this blog is today—bittersweet. First the happy. It was a real treat to visit the Ironworkers mid-Atlantic training center last week. The facilities are impressive and the teachers and staff enthusiastic. Under the auspices of Local 5, the training facility teaches beginning ironworkers on a variety of equipment. This was the first time I had seen mock-ups of a unitized system used for training purposes. The facility also sported a variety of other types of training equipment including a unitized curtainwall mock-up, a two-story structural… Read More »

Together Again, Alleluia

In the end, the best part was just being back together. It sounds corny, I know, but Glass TEXpo, held last week in San Antonio was a landmark event in many ways. It was the first live event in the glass industry since the pandemic hit. It offered just under 1,000 attendees a chance to visit with more than 100 vendors and choose from 10 power-packed seminars. It also showcases its sponsors, the Texas Glass Association and USGlass magazine. But mostly, it was about just being back together. “I really don’t know what to expect,” said Mark Imbrock, president of EDTM, while he was setting up for the show. “I’m… Read More »

In the Heart of Texas

If this picture of pallets packed and ready to go says anything, it says that the industry’s first event since the COVID pandemic hit is going to happen next week. Glass TEXpo ’21 will be held May 20-21 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio. The two-day event, which includes education, a 100+ booth trade show, demonstrations and networking, is co-sponsored by USGlass magazine and the Texas Glass Association (TGA). Being the first is a role we take very seriously. USGlass magazine was the first to produce a daily e-newsletter,; and the first to have a web presence years ago, the first to offer personalized market… Read More »

The Real Thing, Sadly

So I heard about this happening to a reader, then another, and I thought “well this might be a thing.” Then I heard about it a few more times, and then it happened to us, so I did some research. And yes, it’s a very big thing. The “thing” in question is the benefits provided by your state’s unemployment insurance program to phony claimants. Fraud is running rampant through most of these state programs. In fact, the Department of Labor estimates that at least $63 billion in improper payments, much of it fraud, have been made since COVID hit last year. What is particularly insidious is that most of this… Read More »

For Glazing Contractors

A few items of note and importance for contract glaziers have made their way across my desk these last few weeks. None of them are really big enough to be a subject of their own blog, but they are items you may wish to know about nonetheless. So consider today’s offer a bundle of blog-itos to snack on. Here goes: A New Type of Insurance: Hidden amid all the COVID coverage in February was the announcement by Travelers Insurance that it was debuting a new type of policy designed to cover general contractor’s project losses. Though there are high deductibles and co-insurance, it’s designed to protect contractors from unforeseen field… Read More »


The “GlassCast” in question is a new podcast that we at USGlass magazine are excited to debut. I have always learned a ton of immediate and life lessons from the people I have gotten to interview over the years and GlassCast is designed to share some of those lessons on leadership and growth in our industry. I was thrilled that Anders Dahlblom, president and CEO of Glaston Corp., consented to be my first guest. He has got a tremendous worldview, which I am sure you will enjoy hearing here. And thanks as well to Western Window Systems for sponsoring this podcast.

There’s a Kind of Hush

This headline makes no sense, of that I am aware, but in a few minutes it will. It’s here because this blog is about two different topics that deserve some coverage. By the time I finished writing it, a connection between the two even revealed itself. First the Hush People There was some sad news this past week that Moe Peterson, who spent much of his career as PPG’s director of technical services, passed away mid-February. Most people in the industry today, (save those who work at Vitro—then PPG—and still see his name on countless documents) would not have known Moe. He retired as director of technical services and product… Read More »

What to Do about 22?

It’s the most common refrain I hear from contract glazing company owners and managers when I ask how they are doing. “We are okay—for now.” “We will be fine this year.” Or “We actually had a good 2020, all things considered and are on course for the same in 2021.” Every single one of these comments, however, is followed by a big BUT. BUT 22?  What about 22? The 22 in question is, of course, 2022, the year when the backlog that was in place before the pandemic hits becomes depleted or close to depleted. As projects move from backlog to jobs in progress to jobs completed, they are usually… Read More »

A Short Take on Shortages

Responsible organizations such as ours are very careful when covering reports of problems in supply chains or scarcities. Get it wrong and you’ve most likely helped create one. (The long-ago Tonight Show host Johnny Carson is generally blamed for starting the great toilet paper shortage of 1973 when he joked about a non-existent one, thereby inciting one.) Pass on reporting on shortages and you’ve kept information your audience needs from them. Questions about deficiencies often come up, and they are being asked in abundance now. Here’s how I answer them. Actual glass shortages are rare. Float lines run 24/7 and, absent a catastrophe or epic fail, their removals from service… Read More »

Planning, The Easy Way

If you and I are alike, we have been inundated, overwhelmed really, by the volume of notices we receive. Information is coming so fast from so many directions that it’s hard to have the time to cull out the ones that are relevant and timely. But now, help is on the way. Frankly, that culling and sorting by relevancy is one of our company’s main functions as a glass information provider. As you know, we provide daily e-newsletters for the industries we serve, such as this one. But sometimes, you just want to know what is coming up this week, or what you will miss if you don’t know about… Read More »

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