Planning, The Easy Way

If you and I are alike, we have been inundated, overwhelmed really, by the volume of notices we receive. Information is coming so fast from so many directions that it’s hard to have the time to cull out the ones that are relevant and timely. But now, help is on the way.

Frankly, that culling and sorting by relevancy is one of our company’s main functions as a glass information provider. As you know, we provide daily e-newsletters for the industries we serve, such as this one. But sometimes, you just want to know what is coming up this week, or what you will miss if you don’t know about it.

That’s where KMR’s new “Weekly Planner” comes in. Delivered on Saturday mornings, it’s meant to skim and take note of what is coming in the week ahead. It includes fast notes on upcoming events—live and virtual—product launches and website updates, milestones, such as anniversaries or awards, new personnel and, my favorite section, information about retirements. (I am always sad when I find out someone retired weeks after they have, making it tough to reach out and wish them well. This newsletter helps that.)

It’s designed to give you a fast overview as you scan the page; you can always click on a link for more info if you want it. Also, if you have items ahead for the coming week, let us know that, too. You can email me at It’s a great way to find out what’s happening easily and quickly, in one place. Here’s a quick link to Saturday’s edition.

So on Saturdays, your USGNN™ will be the Weekly Planner edition. It’s gotten a great reaction so far. Just let us know what you think.