Stop, Hook and Listen

I started this blog yesterday afternoon and was just putting the finishing touches on it today, when I stopped to listen to something that hooked me in immediately. Then I tore up my blog. (Well, actually, I put it away for another day.)

The reason for the change in plans is because I listened to the podcast our editorial director Tara Taffera had just completed with Paul Morris, president of Jack Morris Auto Glass in Memphis, Tenn. You might know Paul and, if you go back a bit, you may have known his dad, Jack.

Paul, an attorney who also runs the company that was his father’s namesake, has done extensive research on the new loan programs such as CARES and Families First. His podcast with Tara was full of such detailed advice about these new programs that I thought listening to it would be more helpful than anything I would provide today. I hope it proves helpful. You can find it here: “AGRR Podcast: Paul Morris Helps Dissect Resources to Help Auto Glass Companies.”