Success = Holly

Holly Biller, Vice President of Media Services
Holly Biller, Vice President of Media Services

You may have seen the recent announcements in some of our print and online publications about the appointment of Holly Biller to the Women’s Leadership and Networking Council of the prestigious American Business Media (ABM) group. Well, there are a few other things I’d like to tell you about our vice president of media services.

That Holly was chosen to be included in this prestigious list of publishing professionals is no surprise. She is an accomplished professional who has grown with our company and expanded it to encompass a full digital offering, including digital editions, monthly video newscasts, e-newsletters and Android and Apple Apps.

I admire Holly for too many reasons to include here—this would be a nine page blog if I included them all—but suffice it to say, her “can do” attitude almost always becomes “success.”

Less than 48 hours after we decided to create an App for the Android and iPad, Holly had already become an accredited App developer and was working on the program. She always has a “we can do/fix/find/enhance this”-attitude and almost always succeeds.

We are incredibly lucky to have her combination of strong analytical skills, dynamic personality and expert people skills working together for our company. I feel exceedingly lucky that she chose to accept our offer from among the many others she had when she graduated college and that she has helped grow Key since that time.

From right to left: Husband Thomas, Holly and Biller boys Cameron and Hudson on a recent vacation in Orlando.
From right to left: Husband Thomas, Holly and Biller boys Cameron and Hudson on a recent vacation in Orlando.

It’s also been my profound pleasure to watch her grow personally, marry her wonderful husband Thomas and now raise two adorable boys, Cameron and Hudson. The young “Biller Boys” are wonderful to see around the office when they stop by and it’s a kick watching them grow, too.

The goal of the new Council Holly is, in part, to provide women at the beginning of their career with an opportunity to interact, learn and network with their peers, along with senior and accomplished women executives. I have no doubt Holly will be an excellent mentor to all with whom she comes in contact.

The first time I met Holly’s mother, I tried not to show how much in awe of her daughter I was. After all, she had raised this amazing person who no one ever forgets once they meet her. “So,” I asked her mom, Robin, “what exactly does one do to raise a Holly?”

“Darned if I know,” her mom replied with a smile.

There’s no formula or magic recipe. That’s just how special Holly is.


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