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Still Vegas, Baby!

The Ramapo/Kommerling booth won a daily prize for merging two companies in a stand with a Euro-American feel

The GlassBuild America show opened Tuesday in the only city in the world that could pull off having an Atomic Bomb Testing museum and an Organized Crime Museum less than three miles from each other. Las Vegas is just that kind of town. And what about the show being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center? Well … it’s a pretty darn good one so far. The traffic has been steady and the mood optimistic. It’s been especially nice to see the return of some European-style booths scattered amid the usual inline ones and to see machinery manufacturers actually displaying machinery again. Though the machines’ presence is smaller than is… Read More »

The 33rd

33 glass

I woke up this morning at 3:33 a.m. Eastern time. For reasons I’ll explain, I’d already been thinking about the number 33. Then, true story, it was the first thing that loomed in front of my very sleepy eyes—in a weird sort of prophetic double vision. So I decided to see if little old 33 had any additional significance. Now, 7, 13, 100, those are numbers that have history and get respect. But what about 33? Does it have any claims to fame? Turns out it does. It’s rather infamous in mathematics being that 33 is a number and all. It’s the smallest sum of two positive numbers, each of which… Read More »

In Dedication

Whenever it’s summer Olympics time, it’s also time for USGlass to do its quadrennial “Most Influential People in the Glass Industry” feature, which is exactly what we did last month. Thanks to everyone who wrote with nice compliments. They were appreciated. Our next issue of USGlass magazine, the September issue, is dedicated to the memory of Shirley W. Palmer-Ball of Palmer Mirro-Mastic, who died late last month at the age of 82. There are very few people you meet in life like Mr. Palmer-Ball. And when you do, you know right away that you are in the presence of eminence, because not only their words, but their actions, tell you… Read More »

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