The Big Ohhhhh

Today it’s my turn and I feel the power. People have come to me for help and I want to give it. I like to think it’s in my nature. Trouble is, I have no idea what I am talking about, and I need your help.

I am sure you get questions like I do. When people hear you are in the glass business, they immediately assume that you have all the answers … about all types of glass including glass bottles, glass plates, carnival glass (though I know where to go to get answers on that one) … you know what I mean, you get the questions too. I usually explain that my area of possible knowledge is pretty well limited to float glass and, once I see the confused look on the questioner’s face I say “glass in buildings or cars” and they go Ohhhhh.

Usually once the knowing Ohhhh emerges from their lips they realize I will be of little value to them. So I may not know a lot about these things, but I do know that our readers often do. So today I turn to you with three such mysteries and ask your help. Think of it as the Antiques-Glass-Roadshow blog.

ITEM ONE: Like The Sands of Time

The very nice owner of a auto repair and towing company in Northern New Jersey wrote to me recently about this PPG clock from the 1950s. He says it is in great shape and he’d love to know the value. It is a beautiful window on the past and the owner says it still keeps time.

ITEM TWO: A Blown Save or Is That a Save Blown?

A very nice lighting manufacturer is looking for an East Coast supplier of blown glass that can be used in lighting fixtures. “The volumes required are significant,” says the inquirer, “however, if there are only small ‘shops’ around, that’s okay. We will work with them to find investment opportunities.”

 ITEM THREE: The Case of the Missing Video

This is our day for channeling PBS, so to speak, because my third inquiry comes from a husband and wife team who run a glass company out west.  “There was a series on PBS in about the late 1970s to early 80s called The Story of Glass.  That was pre-VCR, of course, so I missed most of the episodes.  I’ve searched the web without success.  Does anyone remember it or know if it might be available?”

I’d love to see that one myself. If you have any ideas or thoughts, please let me know.

The Next Big Design Trend?

Might just be the all-glass bathroom. We’ve seen them crop up in restaurants over the past few years, but now, supposedly a glass-walled retreat is the hottest trend. Take a look.

 And Finally:

Edmonton company All West Glass greeted this “customer” one morning.

Thought I’d leave you with this picture I’ve been wanting to share with you for the past few months. Seems All West Glass in Edmonton, Alberta, had quite the customer waiting for it to open. Now this is one customer I would not want to get mad at me.

Have a great week,

Deb (