The Nerve, the New and the Negative

A nerve was hit last week, the likes of which I haven’t seen in a long time. Luckily it wasn’t a result of a visit to the dentist nor an encounter with a pushy person. No, the “it” was this blog last week that hit quite a nerve.

I heard from tons of people with examples, stories and horror about scenarios, all surrounding the improper installation of glass railings. You can read the original here. Both the number and the passion of the responses surprised me.

So we have a myriad of problems around this issue. The first is the prevalence of the issue. As I said last week, there is a lot of shoddy work out there. The second is that there is no single nor simple solution. Whether you call them railings, or balconies, glass side rails or windscreens, the causes of the problem are many. Improper installations, installers who don’t really know or understand glass or what they are doing, easy access to hardware and glass, do-it-yourselfers, little or no code enforcement, inconsistent or incorrect code enforcement … I could go on.

The shame of this is two-fold. First, it’s an incredibly important safety issue. Failed railings can hurt and kill people and property. Secondly, and a lot less importantly, it gives a wonderful glass product a bad name and reduces the amount of these jobs done in the future.

So what’s next? It’s been gratifying to also hear from most of the major, quality systems manufacturers. A dialogue is beginning around what’s needed and I’ll be back to you in a month or two with some recommendations. If you have some of your own, please reach out and let us know.

The New

With almost all the major industry events cancelled for the remainder of the year, it seemed a shame not to have a place where our industry could still get together, even if online. Even though we can’t be there in person there’s a lot of education to be shared and new products to be debuted. USGlass magazine has teamed up with GlassCon Global to present a brand new event, GlassCon Global/Glass Expo VE, September 9-10. Here’s a little preview.

This event was designed to be as close to being there as possible—with motivational speakers and education, trade show with booths, and social events such as a charity 5K and wine tasting. I am pretty excited, as we opened registration just last Friday and already have registrants from every country in North America as well as Europe, India, Saudi Arabia and more. I hope you choose to join us. As a DEBlog reader, be my guest. You can sign up here by using the promo code “USGB”.

The Negative

I will leave you today with a look at a glass railing job gone horribly wrong, but in this case, the fault lies with the human element:

Here’s another view: