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The Story is Always in the Glass–and Happy New Year too!

You know, sometimes it takes a customer to remind you what you are doing wrong. And if you read this blog regularly you know I will do so when I am and hope that it not too frequently.

So it is with humble heart that I bow to Earnest Thompson of Guardian Industries, who reminded me of my own motto–that the story is always in the glass.

See our robust editorial staff of eight has been running around trying to ferret out the last stories or come up with those hard-hitting investigative pieces and we missed …. yes, I must say missed …. the biggest stories of the holiday season. And it took Earnest to show us that. He said it better than I ever could in a note he sent over to us yesterday:

“Couldn’t help but notice that missed the big story of the holiday season: the co-starring role of glass in many a holiday flick.  You’ve got your blockbusters like the new Mission Impossible and TinTin movies as well as your evergreens like It’s A Wonderful Life.  Regardless, glass played a major role in each; a major plot element that if eliminated, the story wouldn’t have been the same.  Alas, Hollywood rarely got the details right but that’s often the case so why quibble.  That just means we still have some education to do even with the industry on center stage.  Here are the specifics from at least one holiday critic.
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol  The latest in the adventure franchise starring Tom Cruise centers around adventure scenes within and outside (at about the 130th floor) of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building in the heart of Dubai.  Sure, I could boast about the glass that gives the building its distinctive silvery appearance in the heart of a brown and dusty desert (it’s Guardian SunGuard Silver 20, just for the record).  Or, I could talk about the neck snapping action from Budapest to Moscow to Dubai to Mumbai to San Francisco, which sounds like the trade show circuit in the glass industry.  But let’s just focus on how Mr. Cruise, noted for doing his own stunts, manages to sneak into the server room in the core of the building at a high elevation.  Let’s just say that for about fifteen minutes in the middle of the movie we watch IG units being cleanly cut out in a manner only possible in a celluloid fantasy.  And then a vertical scamper on said glazing.  Hey, why let reality get in the way of a darn good yarn.  And, one more time, doesn’t that glass look great?
TinTin: The beloved Belgian cartoon character chases trouble around the world like it’s the only architect on a shuttle bus at AIA.  Those in the replacement business will love how glass shatters from opening to close of the animated 3D adventure with nary a nod to laminating or tempering.  But hey, it’s set in another era where fabricators didn’t get the same chance to deploy their talents with wide ranging gusto.  As for the plot, let’s not be a spoiler and only say that it involves an implausible party favor by an opera singer on a piece of bullet proof glass (sic).  
It’s a Wonderful Life: Everyone has probably already noticed the glass industry reference in this hoary chestnut but it involves war hero and Bailey brother, Harry.  You remember him, the guy who’s good fortune seemed to mirror the bad luck of big brother George.  The final twist of injustice came in the middle of the movie when Harry reneges on his promise to come home and run the Savings & Loan so George can leave good ol’ Bedford Falls for college and that great big world outside.  But Harry’s fiance drops the big news that her father has offered a fantastic new job where the sky’s the limit and great fortune is assured.  What is that job?  Why, it’s the glass industry and daddy’s company in upstate New York.  Now that’s a wonderful life.
I’m sure there are more but I don’t get out much.  It’s just wherever I went this holiday season, the glass industry was there waiting.  Kinda like life, I guess.  We’re every where.  Happy holidays.”

Thank you Earnest, for sharing these hot holiday stories. I must confess that we missed them  and even I, who every year stops and waits for that great line in It’s a Wonderful Life when Harry Bailey tells George he is going on to great things in a glass plant in Buffalo, was just not paying attention. Guess next year instead of investigative journalism we are going to have to send our editors to the movies.

My wish for you is a wonderful new year, filled with health, happiness and prosperity. On to 2012.