Twofer the Road

Two things happened earlier this month that reminded me why I have faith—make that why I have an unending faith—in the glass industry. The first was a visit to the GlassBuild show (GBA) in Atlanta last week. It reminded me that even though we are in some very volatile economic times, people in the architectural glass business continue to move forward. “Glass is very lucky,” said an architect to whom I was speaking. “Very few buildings are built without it. It is a material everyone wants to use.” He was emphatic that, even in tough times, glass will always be a material of choice. “No other building product is as much …what shall I say? … fun,” he said. “I use concrete and metals and other materials but nothing is as much fun as glass.”

GBA also reminded me of why the industry will endure, even in the face of tough economic times: it’s the people. Our industry has many outstanding people in it, people with strength and endurance and people who understand its cyclic nature and are not deterred by it. They are in it for the long haul. We have a great material and great people to work with, and that makes all the difference.

The second was the Auto Glass Week event that took place in Memphis. As you may know, our company manages the event and we definitely had a question mark over whether or not the AGRR industry would respond. Like you, we’d heard all the comments and edicts announcing the death of the auto glass industry.

I am delighted to report (and to paraphrase Mark Twain) that the auto glass industry is alive and vital. In fact, they were downright wrong. There is a strong, vibrant, forward-looking auto glass industry out there that is not going anyway. It may be very different than it was a few years ago, but it’s there and strong. It was an honor for us to be involved with the event.

A few housekeeping items: Some of our readers have asked if they can find the interview USGlass magazine did with Leon Silverstein online. The answer is yes, and it can be accessed by clicking the cover of our September issue here or by going to  I appreciate all the feedback I’ve gotten on the article and am also excited for you to see the October issue, where we have two separate investigative reports that I am sure will be of interest … and to my fellow baseball fans out there who, like this Nationals fan were watching their season home finale without a chance at the play-offs, believe in the future. Just wait til next year.

And finally, congratulations to Russ Ebeid, who officially ended his 40+ year career at Guardian on Thursday, September 15. Our best wishes for happiness in whatever comes next (more on that in another blog).