Vegas: Worthy of Consideration

Overall, this year’s GlassBuild America garnered good reviews from almost all with whom I spoke. There were some common-themed suggestions that I heard a number of times during my week in Vegas. They are:

  1. Most likely the result of an attempt to integrate GANA’s Fall Conference into the GlassBuild architecture, the old GANA annual conference stretched to four days, with only one meeting on most days. Other events such as the Glazing Executives Forum overlapped show hours, as did the Window and Door Dealer Day which was held at a separate location entirely. The overlapping conferences and their times and location was a bit confusing.
  2. Holding the cocktail party on the show floor was a lovely idea but a number of people suggested that it be held during show hours and in a designated area rather than throughout the floor. Yet others told me they didn’t like that idea because it would take attendees away from their booths, so finding a consensus on this would be difficult, but kudos to the organizers for trying something new and nice.
  3. In great company: KMR research director Nick St. Denis (left) and YKK AP America president Oliver Stepe (right) at a reception YKK sponsored at the Ice Bar in Mandalay Bar Wednesday evening.

    The last comment is not new. I have heard it repeatedly since GlassBuild began. That is this: the show could easily be two days rather than three. If it started both days at 9 a.m. instead of 10 a.m., and went one hour later on one of the days (maybe to accommodate a cocktail party—see #2 above), the net loss would be one show hour total and leave more time the day before and/or after for seminars (see #1 above). I see both advantages and disadvantages to this but as it’s such a common refrain, I am throwing it out there for discussion.