On the Road with USGlass

Well, Shame on Me

To Our Readers:

On Friday, I wrote a blog called “Have You No Shame?” Well, this one should be called “Shame on Me.” I am writing to you to apologize for it.

Shame on me for bringing up the topic in the first place. Shame on me for writing a story in such a way that it was construed by Steve Howes as being disparaging. That was not my intention.

And I was wrong. Shame on me for, as Steve says, a “holier than thou” attitude about our conflicts screen. The lawsuit being discussed, between Edgetech and Glasslam, mentions USGlass magazine. When I wrote my blog in response, I was referring to it, but did not explicitly state that. Steve Howes has since written to me pointing out some things that Ellen has worked on for our other publishing platforms. We plan to expand our policy to include all platforms.

So I am sorry about this. And I apologize to Steve Howes and his team at Glasslam. I harbor no ill will toward Steve personally or professionally. In fact, there are a number of things I admire about him, including his tenacity, the success he has had in growing his business and his willingness to stand up against the establishment when he sees what he deems unjust or anti-competitive.

In one of the many e-mails we have exchanged this weekend, he said “you have become one of the very people we fought against back then.” That really gave me pause. It pains me deeply that he now puts me in that category.

I was too forceful in my comments and too sure we were 100 percent right. In retrospect what I wrote came out much stronger than I intended it. It was not my intention to disparage him or his company in any way. I feel badly about this. I have apologized to him, I apologize to you and I am sorry.