On the Road with USGlass

Eye-Opening Opening

You know the old song, “Another opening, another show?” Well, not quite this time, as glasstec 2014 began with an artistic reminder of the ethereal qualities that keep us enamored with glass, followed by a dose of realistic viewpoints from a number of top industry leaders.

The Opening Ceremonies for glasstec 2014 were held Monday evening at the Classic Remise, a converted locomotive roundhouse that featured yards of yards of architectural glass—surrounding and displaying a world-class international collection of cars and motorcycles.

But the cars were merely props for evening’s star. Glass of every possible type—architectural, specialty, containers and bottles among them—as interpreted first in artistry by an Italian puppet troupe in a work commissioned specially for the occasion. A futurist yet lifelike glass man circulated among the crowd, drawing energy and the strength to grow even more powerful –and grow it did until more than twice its size.

Eclectic artistry must pass a high bar to meet in order to reach visitors from more than 60 companies. The puppeteers more than did so in a performance that was both simple and elegant yet powerful—sort of like glass itself. And that was the beauty of it.

But alas, art must always be followed by reality (more on that later), although in this case reality included hope and optimism in one unforgettable opening.

P.S. We are sending newcasts everyday from glasstec. You can watch the pre-show newscast and today’s newscast right here.