Golden Year

You’ve done it. You know you have. Because everyone does, and you can’t help it. You’ve engaged in goal talk. You’ve set ‘em, made ‘em and missed ‘em. And you have done so with every type of goal there is—personal, professional, realistic and lofty. So have I.

The August 1967 cover of USGlass magazine.
The August 1967 cover of USGlass magazine.

When I started with USGlass magazine nearly 23 years ago, I had a lot of goals. My first one was to keep the doors open, one day at a time (USGlass wasn’t in the best shape then). Funny how ignorant I was about starting a business. I thought you started it, worked like crazy to get it going, then you could sort of, well, coast… kind of like setting up a giant luge track and watching it go.

Except that is not how business really works, and I found that out real quick. You never get to rest, not on your laurels or your reputation or your butt, because there is always some entity—person, company, venture—out there to challenge you, or make one of their own goals your downfall. You get the idea: there is no coasting in business.

Anyway, I digress. So I had all these immediate goals, like keeping the doors open and the lights on. But I also had a few long-term ones. And one of my loftiest long-term goals was for me and the magazine to still be around for its fiftieth (that’s 5-0th) anniversary.

Well, I am happy to say that we are closing in on it, as USGlass magazine will turn 50 next January. But we are starting the celebration NOW to highlight what’s coming, and will wrap everything up next year.

So what are we doing? Well, first off, we are beginning a “Throwback Thursday” blog next week that will highlight how things were in the industry and how they have changed. So if you have old pictures, articles, or anything you’d like to share, just send them to me. We’d love to show how you and your business has changed over the years.

We will also be including a 50th anniversary series in USGlass starting soon and culminating with our big August 2016 Anniversary issue. We already have some pretty amazing things planned. I hope everyone will be part of it.

That’s my goal.