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Show Glass

It’s full of neat new things for every part of your home and your life. It has nothing and everything to do with glass. In fact, it’s the most non-glass glass place to be. Have you guessed what it is yet? It’s the CES Show, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show.

CES is so much more than electronics though. It’s often the red carpet-like debut of new products and features that we will all use in our everyday life. It’s a big and boisterous full-bodied show, and I love scouring all the reports from it… for what else? Glass.

So here are the top five glass trends from CES 2017:

1. The Sunroof over Your Head: Big and breathtaking auto glass was on full display at CES. This included an enveloping glass sunroof from Asola Spheric that charges electric vehicle batteries for a longer driving range, as well as providing power to operate smart phones, iPads, laptops and silent alarms. It can reduce the HVAC system’s running time by up to 43 percent.

2. Glassapalooza: Toyota’s concept car had a glass “face and included a non-traditional windshield that shows the face of glass to come in autonomous driving vehicles. The Corning Concept car windshield sports a hybrid of Gorilla Glass in all the usual spots—windshield, sunroof, back windshield, side windows and dashboard. Corning says it saves weight because it is lighter than traditional soda glass.

3. Projection Complexion: Well, not really screens anymore but large expanses of glass and, even more surprising, large expanses of non-glass surfaces were sprinkled throughout the halls of the show.

4. Sensible Sensors: … for doors and windows that is, as home automation moves forward to include more glass. A new sensor that can be used on any door or window can control them as part of Apple’s Homekit. The sensor can control safety, security and convenience features at your home.

5. And in an Ironic Twist: Glass has always been a main component of iPhones and iPads, but now it’s the main component of …the cases for iPhones and iPads. At least two case manufacturers touted their new tempered glass additions, like this one.