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Office Politics?


I will admit it. Usually, I think I know what to do. That is, even if I don’t know exactly what to do, I have a general idea of the direction in which to go. But not this time. I have no idea which way to go. This time I am stumped. So I am turning to you and I am going to do whatever you say. Here’s the issue. It’s a presidential election year, and this year, politics and the glass industry collide as they never have before. In fact, we have found at least three stories, and candidates, that have glass-industry ties. We have done some write-ups and… Read More »

Saying it isn’t So

The caller on the phone sounded exasperated. I just wasn’t giving him what he wanted and we both knew it. He had tried several times and in different ways to get me to go in the direction he wanted to pursue. But I was trying to have none of it. “Okay,” he said with a long sigh, “let’s try it this way. Let’s say, hypothetically, there was a glass shortage, what would the possible cause of such a shortage be?” Ah, I thought, there it is—the hypothetical question. Reporters love ‘em, politicians run from them and I well, okay, sure, I’ll bite. “Well when there is a glass shortage, and… Read More »

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