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No Happy Ending

This is a new week and new blog and a new topic. But in case you missed it, I need to update last week’s blog. You see, I actually wrote it last Sunday. Last Sunday on a plane. Last Sunday on a plane on the way to the Boston Marathon. So you already know how this sad story ends. In case you missed it, Ellen Rogers wrote up a short news article about it last week. You can see it here. And I bring it up again for two reasons. First, I just wanted to say thank you to all the people—you overwhelmed me—who were kind enough to call and/or… Read More »

Wisdom Borne of Pain

It was the proverbial dark and stormy day in late December when we first met.  Most meetings we hold have some levity to them, but not this one. Some of us spread out across the wooden conference table; others stood against the back wall of the room, one joined us via conference.  Banter was non-existent and the pallor of the room was morgue-like. What had gotten this team of experts so somber? The occasion of our meeting was to discuss an action unprecedented in the history of USGlass magazine: the creation of a special issue focused on a single topic. And that topic was to be school safety. Our meeting… Read More »

100 Proof

As a fellow member of the glass industry, I am guessing that you get a ton of questions about glass from family, friends and even acquaintances who seek you out at everything from cocktail parties to kids’ soccer games, looking for the answers to their questions about glass. Though the approaches may differ and the actual questions vary, they are all singular in purpose. I have found they all want just one thing; they want proof. Consider the recent tragedy in Newtown, Conn., which put a Christmastime break in the collective heart of this country. I am sure you heard the reports the gunman had broken through the glass door’s sidelite… Read More »

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