Turning Tables

I am turning the blog tables a bit just for this week, following the industry’s lead and “subcontracting” it out.

I am privileged today to introduced our new assistant editor, Erica Terrini, who we asked to describe her first two weeks at USGlass. —Deb

Hitting the Ground Running

by Erica Terrini,

As a newbie to the glass industry, it can be intimidating to interject one’s self into all the ins and outs of such a fast-paced environment. But after only several weeks, I can say without hesitation that I have grown quite attached to this newly, adopted perspective in which to view the world.

My first introduction came in the form of the American Institute of Architects’ Exposition, which was held last month in Washington, D.C. Not only was I starting a new job – I was diving right into the bulk of networking opportunities, ground-breaking products and key discussions that shape where the design and building industry is heading. For the first time in a city I have always labeled as familiar ground, I found myself in unknown territory.

But upon entering the massive convention center in Mount Vernon Square – challenge accepted. While there was a lot of ground to cover, company exhibits to visit and products to view, the buzz and excitement of attendees was alluring in a way that only passion for a profession can bring. From the eye-catching displays to insightful seminars – the show floor was alive and presented the perfect chance to immerse myself in one piece of a dominate industry.

When I reflect on the experience now I conjure up three key moments: “a-ha” moments, if you will. The first occurred as I stumbled upon Polyvision, which specializes in privacy glass but also featured its latest Polymagic product. The nothing less than dazzling glass incorporates LEDs within the panels to produce the illusion of floating specs of light that can also make patterns – or illuminate on cue to match a tempo of a Celine Dion song for example (the company recently installed 96 panels of glass to tower behind the singer during a recent show). But, Polyvision’s switchable product is useful within the healthcare industry – providing patients with instant privacy and serves a dual purpose of company innovation and fulfills a public need.

Another Texas-based company worth mentioning is Tormax and its iMotion TN 110 In-Floor Swing Door Operator. What better way to support our nation’s capital than to upgrade the giant, hefty doors of historic and government buildings throughout the city while preserving their natural state. The operator allows doors up to one thousand pounds to move with grace and meet Americans with Disabilities Act building requirements for Historic Preservation Society guidelines and works with the popular arched entrance ways. Again, I am tempted to mention this building theme of innovation and general welfare.

Ultimately, a number of companies and their products not only support our public needs but are big on giving back (in a philanthropic sense). While this seems like a basic and painfully obvious statement – it took a couple of days viewing and speaking with company representatives for that concept to really sink in. Sure, I have had the fleeting thoughts about innovative products in the realm of safety glass for instance but had I gone further to reflect on the military-, government- or educational institutions-related impact that could have? Not really, and what a shame.

So this as you might be able to tell, is the foundation of my recently acquired dedication to the overall building and construction-related industries. There is not merely a world of big names and intriguing products – it comes down to taking on a role of the innovator, whose developments will not only support society but propel a generation.

I look forward to continuing in this role and continuing to build on this foundation—and look forward to serving you, our readers. I look forward to hearing from you as well. Please email me at