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This week is a red-letter one in Washington, D.C. Really. NATO Summit ? No. World Bank or IMF meetings? Nope. Michelle Obama shopping at Target again? Not. What could possibly be more exciting?

How about thousands of architects descending on the city that L’Enfant designed and GSA built? We are all very excited to have the design community and lots of the glass industry here in D.C. To welcome everyone, we asked members of our staff share with you their favorite “hometown” places to visit and we’ve been sharing them on our™ daily news site over the past few weeks. I enjoyed seeing what places the staff members who participated chose. Just scroll down and take a look.

Vice president Tara Taffera took the sports fan approach:

Vice president Holly Biller visited a cultured location:

USGlass editor Penny Stacey went for a spectular glass location:

News hound Sahely Mukerji chose a place dedicated to her line of work:

And Ally Curran was kind enough to play food critic and come up with some delicious destinations unique to D.C.:

Unfortunately, I was not able to make it along to the shoot, but I will tell you my current D.C. favorite place to visit: It’s the newly open Lincoln’s Cottage. Few people know that Lincoln and his family spent nearly one-third of his presidency not at the White House, but here, among the wounded soldiers recuperating from war injuries in the Civil War. It is also at the cottage that he worked on the Emancipation Proclamation. Just touching the stair bannisters that Lincoln himself was awesome.

But the Best Place of All to Visit:

Is the AIA Convention itself. We will all be there—at booth 821—and look forward to seeing you as well!