On the Road with USGlass


Dad with Lord Stanley (and me) at the PPG plant in Hawkesbury, Ontario.

Were my dad still alive, yesterday would have been his 90th birthday. Though he passed away 13 years ago the day before his birthday, his lessons still teach me things every day. His favorite saying was “just do your best,” though he’d always followed it with a caveat.

“If you are sure — really sure — you have done your best, then you should be satisfied,” he’d say. “Because you could not have done any better.”

So, you can see why I often focus on that question. Did I do the best I could? If so, I should be at peace. And if not, I need to fix that for the future. You can imagine the level of self-analysis and goal-setting my father still induces daily.

I mention this because Dad was the impetus for two of the most popular blogs I have ever written. They revolve around his undying love of the sport of hockey, the Stanley Cup, and the glass business. In honor of him, I am providing the link to them today. You can find them both in the link below, and I hope you enjoy them. They are a little dated now (PPG hadn’t yet sold its glass business to Vitro), but that day will always remain one of the highlights of my life.