Getting Burned

I know, I know, I usually blog on Mondays. Since this past Monday was a holiday here in the States (which I happily took because an upper respiratory infection had decided to spend the weekend with me), and since we have a rare day this month where we have no regularly scheduled blogger, I am weighing in on three matters, one heavy and two light:

1.  First, the heavy one: I caught up a few weeks ago with a new employee at Vitro America who was very excited to be there having just been recruited from another lucrative, long term position in the glass industry. He’d literally started with the company within days of its announced bankruptcy. His face lit up with all the hope and promise of a newbie ready to make his mark. His voice pulsated with a burst of enthusiasm as he talked about the things he hoped to accomplish first. And then it all stopped. His face went expressionless, his voice went to monotone as he said, “I will just have to wait and see if I am working for them or for Sun.”

He want on to explain that he did not have any axe to grind with Sun, it’s just that he thought he had signed on to one team and found out a few days later that he might be working for an entirely different one. It was just unsettling for him.

And I was thinking about my friend this morning as the news of Sun’s purchase at auction of the assets of Vitro America. Had the Vitro plan gone their way, everyone there and at VVP would be celebrating and hailed as geniuses today. But a controlled bankruptcy is like a controlled burn. It’s very effective when it works, and totally unpredictable and ineffective when it doesn’t …

2. Tweet, tweet, tweet: I am an occasional tweeter and I even hijack and tweet from @usglass every now and then, though it’s usually Megan Headley’s domain. But I do have my own name, @Keycomm, though I haven’t used it for awhile. But now I plan to. So if you’d like to join me, please follow me @Keycomm. On Monday, for one day only in honor of my advancing foray into twitterland, I am going to tweet my whole day out. So for those of you who may wonder “What does Deb do?” (come to think of it I ask myself that a lot) you’ll see it for yourself on Monday.

3. Annual Memorium: Every year, the great humorist Art Buchwald re-published his column on the Thanksgiving in Paris on Thanksgiving Day. Well, the Stanley Cup finals started last night and I have decided that once a year, in honor of my Dad who passed away last year, I will re-publish two of my most popular columns that surrounded his love of hockey. I watched the first game last night and missed him all the way through it. Here’s the first column, and here’s the second. They are many years old, but people still mention them to me. Have a great week.