Guessing Game

Riddle me three:

1.  My posts and our related stories about the deletion of glass from the podium level of One World Trade Center have generated a lot feedback, much of it curious, and all of it on background. Atleast one knowledgeable person with whom I spoke insists that the glass can be made and that, even though we are being told it can’t, that’s not the real reason for the change. 
It was also suggested that we look at what type of company, exactly, was to do the work. Was it really to be done by a glass company? Or perhaps the company involved is more comfortable in the world of structural steel. Finally, I was told that a glazing consultant was part of the job from the beginning. Strange, a caller wondered aloud, that the project could get that far with such expert consultation if the glass could not be made.

It is most curious and difficult to sort what is fact from opinion. The most bittersweet part is the sense of loss our industry feels. That project was a real source of pride for the industry as a whole and its loss has led to a palatable disappointment. The sad thing is that everyone involved has clammed up tighter than frog with a fly on its tongue No one’s talking and everyone has a different story without threads of commonality that usually point to the truth.  We are not done with this one.

2. Had a great interview last week with a titan of the glass/metal industry, who gave us a very candid interview about the state of industry. I can’t wait to share it with you and I think you will be surprised by its tone and content. Watch the July issue of USGlass for the story. (If you don’t get your own free subscription, you can sign up here.)

3. We have a new blogger starting this week … someone I’ve been after to blog for years has finally agreed to do so. I am excited for the premier, so check back Wednesday to see who the mystery blogger is.

Oh yeah, if you think you know who #2 and #3 are, let me know. There’s a prize in it for the first person who gets it right. And if you have any info on #1, let me know that too, there’s a prize for the whole industry in that one.