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This is going to be the shortest blog ever written. There’s a reason for that.

Next Year is Here

In baseball, it’s always, “Wait ‘til next year.” Well, no more waiting. Next year is here. It started last night, in fact, with a win by the St. Louis Cardinals over the Chicago Cubs. Which brings me to this week’s blog. It’s short, real short. In fact, this is the whole blog. And that is because I am continuing a tradition of attending the Washington Nationals’ home-opener. I have done so every year (… except for the year I was stuck right outside the stadium because President Obama was throwing out the first pitch. Security would not let anyone into the parking spaces, even though people had bought them online, and… Read More »


That great poet of my youth Neil Young wrote wonderful songs but he missed the mark big time with one of them. His line  “only love can break your heart”  is wrong, dead wrong. There’s one other thing that can break your heart and slice it cleanly in two. It’s baseball. Both love and baseball can break your heart. The game of summer can fold you in half with heartbreak and despair.  And, as anyone who is a Washington Nationals fan understands, it can make you not want to get out of bed for a few days and can conjure up memories (think last Friday night top of the 9th) that are… Read More »

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