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Songs of Angry Men

As has been the case almost all this year, the news just keeps coming and today there is something for everyone. As you might know, our company publishes a number of magazines concerning glass and we have a breaking story in almost every one. So here’s my take on a few of them: 1. To Thine Own Self be Trulite (USGlass magazine)—Sun Capital announced the highly anticipated new name for the trinity of  Arch-UGC-ACI Products (Vitro America’s new name). Which name emerged victorious? None of the above. The company’s new name is Trulite, which is actually an old name that Arch Aluminum acquired when it purchased a company of that… Read More »

Loyalty Oath?

If you are in the East, you know it is sweltering today, and that most human beings who’ve been outside for more than ten minutes share a striking resemblance to a spent dishrag. So it was that the decision was made to forego a more usual luncheon salad for a climate-appropriate small Vanilla Milwaukee Cream Custard. It was the only sensible thing to do. You see, my plan was to eat said custard and write today’s blog. Well, the custard had long since cooled my parched, dry throat as I continued to wrestle with the topic of what to write about today. News wise, we are awaiting a major story,… Read More »

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