Twofer Tuesday

GlassBuild Day Two

This blog begins with a journalistic triumph, a tour de force of investigative detective work worthy of Bob Woodward, if I do say so myself. Ready? You might want to sit down for this one. Here goes: I found out the identities of the “terrorists” who were under the Barkow truck taking pictures the other day. They found themselves targets of a World Congress Center-wide search as a result. I’m pretty proud of having muck-racked this out of them.

How, you might ask, did we ferret out this amazing information? Well actually, they just walked up and told me, with just a hint of pride in their voice. But, unfortunately, they put those dreaded three words “off the record” before the confession, so I can’t tell you who they are.  I can tell you they are not terrorists, Middle Eastern or otherwise.

Day two of Glassbuild America saw stronger attendance than the first day and that helped the show have a busier feel to it. It was nice to see such a strong contingent from GIMAV there, even though the Vitrum show is fast approaching. Even Dr. Fenzi himself made the trip and GBA should be honored by his presence. Got a chance too, to catch up with the ladies from Messe Dusseldorf who are already hard at work at the mother of all glass shows, glassstec 2012, to be held next October.

I know, I know you just want me to get to the award winners. So here come the winners of today’s “debbies”:

Weirdest feeling: seeing cell phone charger stations in the center, then realizing you had to pay $5 to use them. What happened to the old days where convention centers had electrical outlets everywhere?

Hottest topic of the day: The letters some exhibitors received after the Arch bankruptcy from the lawyers for the creditors committee alleging preferential payments and asking for a return of some payments received in the three months right before the bankruptcy.

Classiest booth: Zhengzhou Henghao Glass Technology showed how a small booth can look exquisite with the right use of glass.

Best Looking Booth: Thermal Windows because you could tell right away what the company does and what it’s selling.

Best line of the day (overheard in the ladies room): Why do they say all these things are sponsored by somebody when I still have to pay for them?

Best shirts: Deceuninck.

Cutest couple: Richard and Janet Parkhurst, owners of Oakes & Parkhurst Glass in Manchester, NH because … well because they really are a cute couple.