What We Are Doing

It’s funny how simple, throw-away sentences like “Hope you are well” or “How are you?” have taken on a new and much deeper meaning in light of the pandemic that has gripped us. COVID-19 sprung into our daily lives like the plot of the most twisted of sci-fi movies. It’s here and it’s all of ours to deal with.

I hope you are well and stay healthy. I am not going to add to what you’re already dealing with, beyond reiterating how much we want to help you get through this and emerge whole on the other side of it. Our weapon in this war is accurate information, and here’s what we are doing with it:

  1. Beginning tomorrow, we will be offering a Morning Glass Industry COVID-19 Update. We plan to explore different topics that matter to you, as well as update you with news and accurate information about industry companies. So please let us know what steps your company is taking to conduct business during this health emergency;
  2. We will inaugurate a series of educational and informational programs around various issues that matter to our audiences. Watch for more information shortly. We will also be providing more information tailored to various segments of the industry;
  3. We will continue to cover our industry and the implications of the virus upon it with vigor through all our platforms and brands; and
  4. We will track down any industry rumor you bring to us so that we may provide accurate information to you.

The next few months are likely to be very challenging, but we will get to the other side of it. This industry is made up of some of the most motivated, tenacious people I have ever met. I know we are all in this for the long haul.

Be safe and stay healthy!